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Tosio ArimotoTENMA
Osami Mizuno

With this album TENMA, I have tried to create a borderless world based on the traditions of different cultures, by collaborating with great musicians from around the world. The various musical elements have been modified and blended with care, in an attempt to achieve a result that is new and different.
I hope you enjoy it.



About TENMA....

1) TENMA comp by Liu Hongjun 6'12"

"Jia" was the name of the daughter of my friend, drummer John Blackwell, who was a young rising star and is now a member of Prince & The New Power Generation. I was really shocked when I heard that Jia was drowned in the swimming pool at their house on June 27, 2004. In spite of this tragedy, John continued playing live for Prince's "Musicology Tour." I could feel that in his heart he was weeping; in fact I heard from one of my friends that he cried on stage while playing "Purple Rain" in New Orleans, and that made me really sad. This song is for Jia, who was only 2 years old when she passed away.

Liu Hongjun Hulus, Baw, and Keisekkin (a special marimba made of very rare stone from China)
Morgan Fisher Sampled strings and ambient textures.
Kiyoto Fujiwara Bass.
Osami Mizuno Drums.
Arranged and mixed by Morgan Fisher


2) MR. VELOCITY (FOR TONY WILLIAMS) Comp by Osami Mizuno Arranged and mixed by Morgan Fisher & Osami Mizuno 4'17"

On March 8, 1975 at New York's Carnegie Hall, I saw Tony play for the first time, in a concert titled The Music of George Russell "Living Time". Since then he became my big brother.
Later, during a lesson, I asked our teacher Alan Dawson, "Which of Tony's drum solos do you like best?" Immediately, he replied "Seven Steps to Heaven."
On this song, I used the 32-bar (AABA) form of Tony's solo, and tried to put a melody to it. I played a 16-inch crash cymbal which Tony gave me. Also I picked up my 22-inch ride cymbal, which Tony played a couple of times in Tokyo.

Yutaka Guitar
Morgan Fisher Sampled orchestra and Fairlight Voicetracker
Osami Mizuno Drums


3) FOR ALAN (ALAN DAWSON) Comp by Kiyoto Fujiwara Arranged and mixed by Morgan Fisher & Osami Mizuno 6'34"
played this song with the wire brushes my mentor Alan Dawson gave me about 30 years ago. Pablo Casals said at The United Nations in 1971, "I am going to play a melody from Catalan folklore: El cant dels ocells. Birds sing when they are in the sky, they sing: 'Peace, Peace, Peace', and it is a melody that Bach, Beethoven and all the greats would have admired and loved." This song was his favorite and he played it at all his concerts, such as the one which was released as A Concert At The White House, recorded live at the White House in 1961. I love his playing on this record.
At the recording of "For Alan," I had the image of this Catalan (Catalonian) song. And I was sure that bassist Kiyoto Fujiwara would be the one who could make this image a reality. In fact, this idea has been in my mind since I first heard him play in concert.
After the recording of "For Alan," I was convinced that I was right.
The sound of the Vibrandoneon (a unique Italian instrument based on the bandoneon) and the Claviola added more colors - we found a chemistry right there! In the near future, I'd love to get these people together and play this song - whatever the cost.

Kiyoto Fujiwara Bass
Morgan Fisher Hohner Claviola (German) and Vibrandoneon (Italian)
Osami Mizuno Drums


4) CONCENTRATION Comp byTakazumi Shimomiya Arranged by Osami Mizuno 6'39"

Japanese traditional instruments
Takazumi Shimomiya Houshou (Mouth Organ), Biwa
Kiyoto Fujiwara Bass
Osami Mizuno Drums and percussion


5) ENCOUNTER Comp by Takazumi Shimomiya and Osami Mizuno Arranged by Osami Mizuno 7'24"

Takazumi Shimomiya Houshou (Mouth Organ), Japanese Cymbal
Ryuichi Kaneko Hitiriki
Ekyou Tuchida Mokushou
Kiyoto Fujiwara Bass
Osami Mizuno Drums

I used to listen to the great composer Toru Takemitsu's works, especially the song called "November Steps" and "In an Autumn Garden, for Gagaku orchestra."
In the 90's I was very lucky to have an opportunity to collaborate with Gagaku (Japanese traditional court music) players. Gagaku is one of the oldest musical forms in Japan and has a long, rich tradition. But in working with these musicians, I came to realize that they sometimes "deconstruct" their past treasure instead of just passing it on as it was. They feel that the deconstruction is part of the gradual process of change, and the sound coming from that change will eventually become a part of their tradition. With this song, I tried to deconstruct Gagaku music with the help of my instrument, the drums (which evolved in the United States about 100 years ago to play jazz), and with the explosive jazz improvisation of bassist Kiyoto Fujiwara. This is my way of deconstruction.


6) SHOOTINGSTARS Comp by Morgan Fisher and Osami Mizuno Arranged and mixed by Morgan Fisher 4'12"

On October 20, 1990, I was very lucky to have the chance to meet Ayrton Senna da Silva at the Suzuka Circuit, thanks to the help of a friend. I wil never forget that moment.
On that day Senna made an unprecedented achievement which every racing driver had dreamt of up to that time. He drove a superfast lap in 1 minute 36.996 seconds (the best qualifying record of Suzuka's original Grand Prix circuit, 1987-90) and won the Poll Position.
We will never again see such extraordinary driving.
With this song, I tried to play drums as a melody instrument, and tried to imagine and express what Ayrton was feeling during that race in Suzuka; I had fantastic support from Morgan Fisher.

Morgan Fisher Yamaha YC-45 combo organ and Variophon analog wind synthesizer
Osami Mizuno Drums