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Dear Osami:
Thanks for writing. I am very happy to hear that you are getting a good response to the material from your book that is now running in Modern Drummer. The first article ran in the April issue and there are three more which will run in the May, June, and July issue.
I knew you would get a good response, and I am certain you'll hear from alot more drummers as the articles continue to run. Alan was well-loved by drummers the world over. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to reprint your material in Modern Drummer.
Finally, feel free to use the name "Dawsonisms" as the title for publication in Japan.
Best regards,

Ron Spagnardi

Illusions in Rhythm for Drum set
by Osami Mizuno in collaboration with Vinnie Colaiuta

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The book titled "Illusions in Rhythm for Drum set" to teach "Superimposed
Metric Modulation releases on 9/28,
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The book
"Illusions in Rhythm for Drum set"

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Thanks for asking me the educational book titled "Illusions in Rhythm for
Drum set" in collaboration with Vinnie Colaiuta.

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It was in 1987 when I first heard the word "Superimposed Metric Modulation."

Superimposed Metric Modulation was a new drumming method introduced on a magazine for American percussion industry by Vinnie Colaiuta, who has been one of my best friends since both of us were studying with Alan Dawson in the mid '70s.

Soon after that he came to Japan and demonstrated this method using a sequencer...but at that time most of the people couldn't understand what he was doing. Briefly, Superimposed Metric Modulation is a kind of "key change"
in rhythms. Modulation is quite common for melody instrument players,
but it's not for drummers...maybe you can say it's avand-garde. But in fact, this concept is originally came from great Jazz innovators such as "Papa"
Jo Jones, Max Roach, and our hero Tony Williams.

Vinnie made this concept more Rock-friendly to make it his own method. Today more and more drummers such as Steve Smith, Virgil Donati and Horacio"El Nego" Hernandez are using this concept. That means the "key change" in rhythms is no longer maniac technique and is now becoming popular among drummers.

Vinnie and I first talked about making an instruction book about this Superimposed Metric Mudilation 4 years ago. And now (at last!) here it is!!

Alan Dawson Drum Method (Japanese edition only)

And The Beat Goes On.
This book is dedicated to the memory of my teacher, Mr. Alan Dawson.

Author: Osami Mizuno

Author: Osami Mizuno
Special Contributor: Steve Smith

In this book I tried to pass on Alan's method, thoughts, and words, explain basic data and new theory including 5, 7stroke, and Compound
Rudiments, which are based on older the 26 rudiments. This book offers a new approach which arranges the large number of rudiments into various categories.
Every time he threw a pair of sticks and listened to the sound of them dropping….during a drum clinic, Alan demonstrated by firmly stating,
"This is the sound of a flam." He would go ahead and demonstrate and show how one should practice them. According to Alan, people, who do not think that they know rudiments, actually know and use it subconsciously.
On the other hand, people, who think that they are always playing with rudiment and are tired of doing the same drum licks over and over again, should learn and study variations.
I want to share the valuable advice, trade secrets, and vast amount of information that Alan passed on to me in the twenty years that I knew him.


With Steve Smith (Aug.15,1997)

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