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Osami is a drummer who studied with legendary Alan Dawson in the 70s, and now is trying to keep Alan's legacy alive.

His new CD TENMA was just released in April 10 and available from GEMM or Office Mizuno's Web site

Vol. 1 Vol. 2 Vol. 3
Author: Osami Mizuno      Special Contributor: Steve Smith   Illusions in Rhythm for Drum Set with Vinnie Colaiuta

お陰さまで私の教則本 アラン・ドーソン・ドラム・メソッド vol.1 スネアドラムテクニック(ルーディメンツ)が
再度 重版となり第11版に、またドーソン・ドラム・メソッド vol.2 スネアドラム ソロ(ルーディメンタル リチュアル)
重版となり第6版に、突入する事となりました。 応援、御支援、たいへん感謝いたします。

Thanks to you, my book, The Alan Dawson Drum Method vol. 1.SNARE DRUM TECHNIQUE (RUDIMENTS) is due to enter its 11th reprinting.
Drum Method vol. 2 .SNARE DRUM SOLO (RUDIMENTAL RITUAL)is due to enter its 6th I am very grateful for your well wishes and support.

Book "Illusions in Rhythm for Drum set" is now available
outside of JAPAN!
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The book titled:
"Illusions in Rhythm for Drum set"
by Osami Mizuno in collaboration with Vinnie Colaiuta

Alan Dawson Drum School

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Special Thanks : mr.Tony Williams.

Tony photo I would like to express my respect and gratitude to Tony Williams ( Who passed away a year to the day after Alan, on February 23,1997 ) for teaching me to challenge my self, live strongly, and strive to be a better human being throughout the many years that I knew him.